your childhood candy - but better

Low sugar, plant-based gummies sweetened solely with monk fruit juice concentrate. No stevia or sugar alcohols!

Healthy Hippo
Healthy Hippo
Healthy Hippo


High-quality ingredients

We're naturally sweetened with monk fruit juice concentrate, which is gut-friendly with no aftertaste.

Formulated with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives—free of anything artificial.

Kid Friendly and Balanced in Fiber

We take your tummies seriously, and we know that too much fiber causes stomach-aches.

We keep our fiber content high but still balanced, so kids can eat more than one bag with no upset tummies!

Better for You and the Environment

Healthy Hippo is leading the category as the only low sugar candy brand in North America to have a carbon-neutral certification, targeting sustainability improvements from our ingredients to transportation, processing and packaging.

Healthy Hippo


Specially formulated for a soft and chewy texture that doesn't stick to your teeth!


Experience a range of flavours from our sweet and fruity bursts to our tangy sour bites.


Monk fruit is known for a more natural and balanced sweetness curve.

Healthy Hippo

variety pack

Can’t decide which to try? We’ve got you covered with the variety mix! Try each flavour to find your favourite (if you can choose just one!)

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"Great taste and Ingredients! Love that I can have a sweet treat and not feel guilty. Gummies are a weakness of mine so I’m so excited to have discovered these! My kids even love them."

- J. Jansen

"These are tasty gummies. They dont stick to your teeth. They have a nice chew feel in your mouth. The flavors are good and products were fresh."

- R. Pfeiffer

"It's such a great alternative to the main stream junk that's out there. Great flavour, great texture, you don't even know that they are a healthy option. I'm official hooked."

- C. Weremy

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about us

Healthy Hippo is dedicated to bringing better-for-you alternatives that you (and your little ones!) can trust with full transparency, from our ingredients to our carbon footprint.

Healthy Hippo
Healthy Hippo
Healthy Hippo

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Are Healthy Hippo gummies in stores?

You can find us in store! Healthy Hippo is quickly expanding and can be found at select locations. See our Store Locator for the full list.

Are your products vegan?

Healthy Hippo products are 100% plant-based! We use pectin, a water-soluble fiber derived from non-animal by products rather than gelatin which is a protein derived from animals.

Are you non-gmo project verified?

We are happy to announce we are Non-GMO Project Verified meaning we are all natural and free of any genetically modified organisms.

Are your products free from common allergens?

Yes, Healthy Hippo ingredients are free of the most common allergens. However, our manufacturing facility does process some allergens (like dairy, peanuts and tree nuts).

All manufacturing and packaging have vigorous separation, cleaning and testing programs to ensure there is no cross-contamination. Need more help? Email us here

Is Healthy Hippo keto-friendly?

At Healthy Hippo, we don't innovate towards any specific diet, which means our products aren’t perfectly keto. That said, we are always working on new and delicious products! If you have Keto feedback, please drop us an email here as we love hearing your thoughts.

What is your shipping policy?

We ship free with any minimum order of $45 across Canada and the continental United States! For orders under $45, we offer $3.50 shipping.

Healthy Hippo